I've always found solace with a #2 pencil and a piece of paper. Whether drawing rudimentary portraits of my family as a kindergartener or writing embarrassing poetry as a teen, these tools have acted as a conduit for me to unleash my creativity on the world. 

Through practice, persistence and sheer determination, I've managed to parlay the skills I've honed into a career in the field of design. Over the past decade, I've worked for several advertising agencies, started a creative services boutique (Oblada Creative) and have had my work awarded, published and exhibited internationally. I consider myself a creative architect and a visual engineer.

In addition to visual art, I also enjoy writing and use the journal on this site to record the narrative of my life. The tools I use may have evolved from pencil and paper to instruments of the digital age, but the essence of honest expression has remained the same. I believe that art should be personal but share an experience that is universal. 

I feel that the influential role of designers and writers has the ability to empower, leverage and revolutionize all by transforming the simple to the sublime. I am greatly inspired by my travels; street art and the gallery of the urban landscape influence everything I do.



- 2017 Saskatchewan Polytechnic Outstanding Service award.

- 2017 CCAE Prix D'Excellence, Silver, Best PR/Marketing/Communications Initiative, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Aboriginal Student Success campaign. Project Manager: Brianna Bergeron. Photographers: Tom Bartlett and David Stobbe. 

- 2016 Redgee Best in Region, Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Viewbook 2017/18. 

2016 Graphis Silver Award, Annual Report compilation (SIAST 2011-2012 Annual Report "Impact")

- 2015 Graphis Gold Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Portrait of Vladimir Putin")

- 2015 Graphis Silver Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Carpe Diem")

- 2015 Graphis Silver Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Big Fish Haul")

- 2015  Redgee Award, Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut region (Saskatchewan Polytechnic Strategic Plan "Tomorrow in the Making"), best print marketing piece and honourable mention best overall design piece for the region.

- 2014  IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence, Division 3: Communication Skills, Category 33: Publications (SIAST 2014-2015 Recruitment Viewbook, "Go!"). Project Manager: Tanya Turner, Photographer: Thomas Bartlett

- 2014  Graphis Merit Award, 2015 Poster Annual ("Let Them Eat Cake").

- 2013  UCDA Award of Excellence, Print (SIAST 2011-2012 Annual Report, "Impact").

- 2012  Elevators Award, Annual Report Under 10K (SIAST 2010-2011 Annual Report, "Driving Economic Growth"). 

- 2012  Sask ACE Award of Excellence for Communication Creative (SIAST "Life is Multiple Choice and We Have the Answer Key"). Photographer: Thomas Bartlett



- UCDA Design Show, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. An exhibition focusing on excellence in post-secondary design (2013).

- Peace Signs: Posters Of The Anti-War Movement. An international travelling art exhibit focusing on posters from the war in Iraq, uncensored, political and thought-provoking (2004). 

Little Pieces, New Wagner Gallery, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. An art exhibition focusing on international contemporary design (2001). 



- Public Relations Writing: Strategies and Structures by Doug Newsom and Jim Haynes (2016). Case study of project featured. 

- DesignEdge Canada (May/June 2015). Design work featured. 

- What Happens in Vietnam…, Designer Magazine (Winter 2015). Authorship and photography for an article about deployment to Vietnam. 

- Love Letter To Japan, Designer Magazine (Summer 2013). Authorship and photography for an article about finding creative inspiration in Tokyo. 

- SIAST in Vietnam, Partners Magazine (Spring 2012). Photography. 

- That Skating Rink in the Dark, Winnipeg Life Magazine (Winter 2004). Illustration. 

- Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated by James Mann (Edition Olms Zurich, 2004). Design and illustration of several posters.