I love winter nights spent in sipping hot cocoa. This animated gif started as a sketch which I decided to bring to life as an ode to my favourite beverage of the season (I’m all about the marshmallows and whipped cream).

Project incorporated hand-drawn illustration, Adobe Illustrator for vector creation and Adobe Photoshop to animate. For inquiries on how we can partner on creative work, connect with me:

 Animation ©Oblada Creative (2018).

Animation ©Oblada Creative (2018).


Every autumn, as the cool weather sets in and I prepare for winter’s hibernation, a wave of inspiration washes over me and I just feel the need—the necessity—to create. Something. Anything. Winters in Canada are long and unforgiving. I’m thankful to be blessed with the curiosity, patience and skill to use the downtime to master a craft.

As such, I’ve been learning to code in Scratch with the ambition of creating a simple 8-bit video game. It won’t be Fortnight but heck, maybe it will be the next Pong. Below are two character concepts I’ve created for two different games; I want one to celebrate the nature and wonder of my home province of Manitoba, and the other is (of course) my Monty who will star in his own adventure.

 Churchill the polar bear from a game concept titled “Churchill Rush” (©Deborah Clague)

Churchill the polar bear from a game concept titled “Churchill Rush” (©Deborah Clague)

 My Monty from a game concept titled “A Walk in the Park” (©Deborah Clague)

My Monty from a game concept titled “A Walk in the Park” (©Deborah Clague)

Social Portfolio

In the creative industry, one always looks for different ways of doing things. In the past, I’ve lugged around a traditional leather-bound portfolio which safely guarded the few print pieces I’ve kept over the years. And, of course, I have this here website to update with projects that I’m proud of and want to share. But as social media becomes the dominant presence in the digital age, I felt I needed to update and showcase my work in a different way.

With a bit of inspiration from fellow designer Ji Lee, I am re-imagining how to showcase my body of work.

Visit and follow my new creative grid portfolio at instagram.com/obladacreative for the full experience.


2018 Halloween Animations

While brainstorming and sketching the series of animated gifs I created for Halloween this year, I knew I wanted to incorporate a backdrop not traditionally known for horror. I wanted to skew our perception of familiar, perhaps banal, locations with an air of sinister unease. I finally settled on our workspace, initially concepting the series to include varied occupations like retail and hospitality but finally settling on an office. With a touch of inspiration from Caravaggio, one may now wonder what lurks behind those cubicles.